An epic challenge for light / interactive bicyvle installation

with Joost van Bergen and Onne Walsmit


The Lightbattle combines the elements the city of Amsterdam is renowned for. Namely its canals, bridges, bicycles and enthusiastic people. The Rijksmuseum passage is the place to celebrate this culture with an epic interactive installation.

With a visual spectacle The Lightbattle attracts visitors like an arcade game to come close and play with it. Members of the audience will feel challenged to take place on one of its ten bicycles positioned on either side of the passage. The visitors, while peddling on their bicycles, control their own strip of lights placed in the arc elegantly spanning under the Rijksmuseum archway over the bycicle lane. An epic battle has commenced!

The Lightbattle is an artwork that uses the energy of its visitors to create an amazing experience. Like all our works we are involving the audience to hand over a small message in a fun interactive way.

The Lightbattle is made possible with support of the RijksmuseumInventDesign and DHL Express.