Wind driven tension

With Joost van Bergen and Onne Walsmit

Como Tempio Voltiano installazione di 8208 Light Design Festival


An energetic lightfield for 8202 Lighting Design Festival Como and the Alesandro Volta Foundation.

WAVES consists of an overwhelming amount of sparkling strings. Some more to the right, some more to the left. When visitors approach the axis, they will see all these lines blinking. A striking image. Looking like the WAVES of the lake flow right into the park at night. The moon reflecting at her tops. It’s the wind that puts WAVES into motion. 

And the sun that powers the full installation. At the same time, WAVES mystically shows an image of tension that refers to Alessandro Volta’s electrical inventions. With is crisp stored power popping up in the buzzing lit lines. Power is condensed in this lightfield: the power of the elemtens of water, wind and sun, the power of light in the dark and the power of imagination.

Visitors walk around the installation and can cross in the pathway. With the fluid lightfield at your knee’s height, it feels like the park has flooded. As theathical basin has been created, and your right in the middle of this force. Spectators see you, and your looking at them, holding up against the WAVES.